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Need some additional protection, purification, and uplifting? This Rosemay Sage scented flower diffuser will get the jobd done. This elegant 6.8 oz glass diffuser is topped with a beautiful handmade Waterlily Lotus Sola Flower with a cotton rope wick. Sola Flowers are handmade wood flowers that are perfect for diffusers. This diffuser is infused with Amethyst crystals to balance the Third-Eye Chakra and bring spirital protection and purification into your space. This  product is the perfect way to bring balance and fragrance to any room.


Fragrance lasts 4-5 months.


Fragrance Profile:
Top: Pine, Eucalyptus
Middle: Rosemary, Green Floral
Base: Sage, Cedar

Rosemary Sage Flower Diffuser

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  • Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It cleanses your energy field from negative influences and attachments. It enhances personal environments with a healing and protective circle of light.

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