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Hello and welcome 


I'm Lindsey the owner and creator of Selah Soul. 

Selah Soul was created in 2019 by my self while I was on Active Duty in the Army. Having eczema there were certain products that I could not use and over time I realized they made my skin worse.


Selah Soul originally started while I was on a self-healing journey and the main focus was on Chakra balancing and restoration. It then evolved a few times until it became a skin care company focused on healing and nourishing the skin, while using natural ingredients and aromatherapy to aide in  relaxing and igniting the senses.  


I started Selah Soul while I was on my own path to spiritual growth and balance. I would often find myself asking "What is my purpose? And where am I going?" After a lot of soul searching, mediation, and research I knew I wanted to help others, even if it was simply by making self-care more beneficial and fun.

With my product line, I wanted it to be safe, simple, and natural. I wanted other people to be able to have products that wouldn't irritate or damage their skin. Selah Soul's main mission is to provide products for beautiful healthy skin, naturally!

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